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Thierry Weinberg

Thierry Weinberg is a native French economist who is best known for his stint leading some the most high profile companies in Europe. Currently, he is serving as the executive head for Double V Counseil; a well known company which he founded in the year 2009 and has its base in France. The company is well known thanks to its ties with some of the most respected companies in France like Direct Energie, Orange, Ricoh, Onet and lots of other well known brands in the French economy. Before, that is from the year 2006-2009; Mr. Weinberg was serving as the managing director for the Civil Society of Real Estate Investments.

Double V Counseil has since developed its expertise in three major area of expertise which includes; recovery of public subsidies within government owned companies when it comes to recruitment policies, innovation and environmental concerns. Double V Counseil is also highly entrusted with optimization of fiscal as well as social charges within the French government. The company is also widely involved in optimizing indirect purchases concerning transportation expenses, energy insurance, telecommunications and office automation.

Thierry Weinberg owes much of his unmatched leadership skills to Institute Superieour de Gestion; a prestigious business school from which he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Economics. In November 20011, he was one of the founders of Assurance Double V; a subsidiary branch of Double V Counseil. This new spin off from Double V was mostly specialized in insurance brokerage for enterprises.

During his school days, Mr. Weinberg was well known for his keenness concerning the economic and social policies of the then French government. His leadership can be traced back when he served as the president of the university’s economist union; a group which in he moved his first steps as a potential future business and market leader.